Osteopathy and Work Strains

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common work-related problem in the UK. Most work-related problems are cumulative disorders, resulting from repeated exposure to high or low intensity loads over a long period of time.

There is always a reason why your work-related problem comes to the surface and gives you pain. Usually longer hours at your desk or behind the wheel can begin to put strain on your body. Then increased stress levels begin to highlight our previous weaknesses. And finally, when we have less time to exercise our ability to counteract that sitting posture diminishes and it really turns up the volume on your pain.

Our approach to work-related problems

  • We provide a hands-on treatment for immediate relief of your symptoms.
  • We will discuss how your problem occurred and explain how it has affected you and not the next person.
  • For your effective return to work we may need to work alongside Occupational Health or provide fitness-to-work certificates to allow a gentle re-introduction back to work. All eventualities will be discussed with you during the consultation.
  • Advice on work-related posture, ergonomics or technique in your trade will be given to help you manage the problem yourself.

We want to get you better, allowing you to focus on your life not your pain.

Click to download a printable leaflet on work strains.

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Osteopathy for the employer

For years, a number of large companies have retained osteopaths as part of their permanent company health teams. Many smaller companies have also benefited from liaison with their local osteopaths.

Having an osteopath involved in your staff care programmes can lead to a fitter workforce and improved moral, increased productivity and less time off through ill-health.

Please call us to discuss how we can coordinate getting your staff fit for work

Click to download a printable leaflet for the employer.

“Usually longer hours at your desk or behind the wheel can begin to put strain on your body... this can begin to highlight our weaknesses. ”