Problems caused by manual handling and lifting

Muscle & Tendon Injuries

Manual handling of loads or repetitive movements may cause muscular strains within the muscle itself or at their insertion points where they attach to bone. In work where intense movement of the hands is required a dull ache or pain can be felt at the wrist or elbow. Pain at night in these areas can suggest that the problem has been building over time. Osteopathic treatment aims to treat the area and de-load it by making neighbouring joints function better. Advice on self-management will quicken your return to full health.

Back Pain, Disc Problems & Sciatica

Sustained stooping, twisting, and general bad posture can put pressure on the joints of the back and cause local aches with pain or tingling in the legs and toes. If severe you can even injure the shock-absorbing discs in your back (‘slipped discs’).

Our objective is to have your whole back working through its full range so that loads are spread evenly and minimise the occurrence of a joint or disc strain.

“Sustained positions at work can cause bad posture that may cause strains to the joints and discs in the low back.”