Osteopathy and Sports Injuries

People don’t often think about osteopathy when it comes to sport injuries. But considering our main focus is the way in which the whole body functions, we are ideally placed to help you recover from injury and recurrent strains.

We can help improve performance as well as treat the injuries that occur.

As well as speeding up recovery from injuries or simply helping resolve a long-standing strain, osteopaths are well-placed to help improve your overall performance as well.

Injuries are often the result of poor joint movement.

People mistakenly think that pulled muscles are solely because they are tight, and don’t appreciate that a joint that is mal-functioning can cause muscle strains.

Whilst massage and stretching helps it is not enough if the joints are not moving through their full range. When joints are moving well, the demand on the muscles is far less. This extra movement in the joint will minimise the risk of injury and speed recovery if you are injured.

By increasing local joint movement we can over-ride muscle spasm and free off joint restrictions, thus allowing full resolution of your injury.

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“Osteopaths are well-placed to help improve your overall performance, as well as treat your injuries.”