Osteopathy for Employers

Most patients 'self refer' to an osteopath for treatment. Although referral by a GP is not necessary, patients are encouraged to keep both their GP and osteopath fully informed, so that their medical records are current and complete and the patient receives the best possible care from both healthcare practitioners.

GPs refer patients to osteopaths where they believe this intervention would be beneficial. Referral guidelines are provided by the General Medical Council and British Medical Association.

At Cambourne Osteopaths we work closely with the local GPs to ensure the most efficient service for you and to prevent any delays with further tests or investigations that can occur in private practice.

Currently there is no NHS funded osteopathy in Cambridgeshire, but we are working on it! Some GP surgeries have more control over their budget than others so ask your GP if they are offering osteopathy as a service.

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“At Cambourne Osteopaths we work closely with your occupational health department to ensure the most effective treatment for your employee.”