The Osteopaths

Cambridgeshire osteopaths Eliot Russell and Leigh Burrows-Hall are passionate about the benefits of osteopathy for all, and offer a professional service in their local area. Having years of clinical experience between them, and an extensive network of paraprofessionals to refer to, Eliot and Leigh are able to help with a huge variety of complaints.

Eliot and Leigh trained at the European School of Osteopathy and the London school of Osteopathy respectively, two of the world’s leading osteopathic education centres.

"We believe osteopathy has an important contribution to make to people's health in many ways, from structural adjustment, treatment and advice to professional reassurance. Despite the common public perception that osteopaths only treat back and neck problems our training took us way beyond that! Our courses in anatomy, physiology and pathology were similar to those at orthodox medical schools, allowing us to make conventional clinical diagnoses, but we were trained specifically in order to give manual treatments."

Eliot Russell M.Ost, D.O

Growing up in Cambridgeshire, Eliot’s aim has always been to have his own practice in his local area. He currently practices In Cambourne and is a Senior MSK clinician within the NHS.

From his clinical experience within the NHS, Eliot has developed an interest in the treatment of arthritis and age- related conditions, as well as specialising in the treatment and prevention of back pain.

"Osteopathy takes into consideration the various components of people’s lifestyle and allows me to build an overall picture of the stresses and strains imposed on their bodies. This allows me to treat them accordingly."

Eliot is a keen sportsman with an interest in football and squash, which he plays every week. He also loves golf and is always trying to lower his handicap! Because of this, he can appreciate the nature of sports injuries and understands the desire felt by many patients to return to playing as soon as possible.

"Pain usually presents itself after a build-up of different circumstances such as poor posture, heavy gardening or trying a new golf swing. By identifying these compiling factors and treating the body, Osteopathy can be very effective in reducing pain and discomfort."

Leigh Burrows-Hall B.Ost

Leigh has had a fascination for the workings of the human body since a very young age, leading her to pursue a career in Osteopathy. She completed a 4 year degree from the London school of Osteopathy in addition to being a qualified sports massage therapist for the last 7 years. Being qualified in both sports massage and Osteopathy it gives her a broad knowledge base and skill set to draw on when treating a breadth of conditions and complaints.

Leigh’s main motivation is helping people. Whether that be aiding their injury recovery or helping people work towards a pain free life.

While every patient is different and she thrives on that challenge, her main interests lie in sports injuries, chronic pain management, and post injury rehab.

Outside of her career, Leigh has been involved in playing football for various teams since she was 5 years old. She enjoys training the gym, country music gigs, and spending time with her beloved Shih Tzu; Poppy.

Sarah Massey BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy

Sarah has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for the past 25 years and is registered with the HCPC. During that time, she has worked in both the NHS and Private Practice, seeing all musculoskeletal conditions from sports injuries, post-surgery rehab to more degenerative conditions. Whilst working at Addenbrookes, she made strong links with consultants specialising in neurosurgery and the Pain Clinic and continued to get private referrals from these consultants.

Sarah has undertaken additional training in chronic pain through the SIRPA UK organisation and is also an NLP practitioner. She believes this combination of training allows her to treat her patients holistically as well as coach them towards their rehabilitation goals. Sarah is also trained in Pilates and can create for each patient a personalised exercise programme.

Sessions with Sarah can also be held virtually via Teams or Rehab Guru.

In her own time, Sarah enjoys swimming and cycling in the countryside and dabbling in gardening.